Fulton Burner (2)

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TW-OR-"WM. FULTON. SEPT. 25. 1860."-IR-"PATD. AUG. 3. 1858 REISSUED"-Deflector Flange-"E.F. JONES PATD MAY.4.1858"-Spring Clip-"PATD APRIL 8. 1862"

Coronet Style. #2 size (2-1/8" lip chimney). Two piece burner. Loose deflector. Patents are for flat brass chimney clip and air draft. The chimney clip has wings to better hold the chimney. The Aug. 3, 1858 and the reissue Sept. 25, 1860 dates do not apply to this burner. Acknowledges Jones 1858 patent with date stamped on deflector flange. Has some manufacturing details similar to a C.A. VanKirk & Co. burner also marked WM. Fulton.

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Fulton Burner (2)
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