HB&H Star Burner (2)

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Holmes Booth & Haydens
Manufacturer City State
Waterbury, Connecticut
Information On Burner
TW-"STAR HB&H"-Back of TW-"PAT. JULY 23. 1872"-Base-"PA(TENT)ED SEP. 16.1862"

Prong Style. #1 size (2-1/2" slip chimney), One piece burner. Patents are for wick tube and prong design. Has a string-wick tube with a star wheel for advancing the wick and the deflector blaze hole is cutout for the flame. Designed for a night light. Conforms to patent #202,074, April 2, 1878, by E.E. Townsend. 

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HB&H Star Burner (2)
Burner Image
HB&H Star Burner (2) Open
HB&H Star Burner (2) Wick Wheel
HB&H Star Burner (2) Deflector Cutout
HB&H Star Burner (2) Base Patent Date & Wick Tubes
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HB&H Star Burner (2) Thumbwheel
Special Chimney Needed